Is Glucose Level Above 350 mg Is Dangerous?

 What is high glucose        

When all is said in done, glucose perusing of in excess of 180 mg/dL or any perusing over your objective range is excessively high. Glucose perusing of 350 mg/dL or more can be risky. In the event that you have 2 readings in a succession of at least 350, call your PCP.

 Gentle high glucose 

 In the event that your glucose levels are reliably 200 milligrams for each deciliter (mg/dL) to 350 mg/dL, you may have gentle indications of high glucose. You may pee more than expected on the off chance that you are drinking a lot of fluids. A few people with diabetes may not see any manifestations when their glucose level is in this range. The principal manifestations of high glucose are:  
  •  Expanded thirst.  
  •  Expanded pee.   
  •  Weakness.  
  •  Expanded craving.  
 On the off chance that you don't drink enough fluids to supplant the liquids lost from high glucose levels, you can get dried out. Small kids can become got dried out rapidly. Side effects of lack of hydration include:  
  •  A dry mouth and expanded thirst.  
  •  Warm, dry skin.  

 Moderate to serious high sugar level 

On the off chance that your glucose levels are reliably high (for the most part over 350 mg/dL in grown-ups or more 240 mg/dL in youngsters), you may have moderate to serious side effects of high sugar. These indications include:  
  •  Obscured vision.  
  •  Outrageous thirst.  
  •  Tipsiness.  
  •  Flushed, hot, dry skin.  
  •  Eagerness, languor, or trouble awakening.  
 On the off chance that your body delivers practically zero insulin, you additionally may have:  
  •  Quick, profound relaxing.  
  •  A quick pulse and a frail beat.  
  •  A solid, fruity breath smell 
  •  Loss of hunger, stomach torment, as well as regurgitating.  
 On the off chance that your sugar levels keep on rising, you may get confounded and torpid. You additionally may get oblivious if your sugar levels are high.  

 For what reason is overseeing the sugar level significant?  

Keeping SUGAR at target levels enables individuals with diabetes to maintain a strategic distance from genuine complexities from the malady. High sugar can cause numerous evil impacts, which can be abrupt, for example, corrosive develop in the circulatory system, or happen step by step after some time.  
 After some time, keeping sugar at unhealthful levels can harm little and enormous veins in a few organs and frameworks, prompting genuine results, for example,  
  •  vision impedance and visual deficiency  
  •  foot ulcers, diseases, and removal 
  •  kidney disappointment and dialysis  
  •  cardiovascular failures and strokes  
  •  fringe vascular illness, a condition where bloodstream to the appendages is diminished  
  •  harm to the sensory system, prompting torment and shortcoming  
 By keeping sugar levels under 100 mg/dL before eating and under 180 mg/dL subsequent to eating, individuals with diabetes can essentially diminish their danger of antagonistic impacts from the malady.  

 The Takeaway on Preventing and Treating High glucose 

 Keeping away from and treating high glucose levels is a three-layered procedure — this incorporates accepting your medicines as coordinated, working out, and eating a solid eating routine with littler segments.  
 The exertion is justified, despite all the trouble: Getting your glucose level out can at last help increment your personal satisfaction.